Should Mantic Games Go Epic With Warpath? Have Your Say!

August 2, 2023 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been discussing the future of Warpath. A lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes from Matt alongside Alessio Cavatore to bring the rules, miniatures and more to life for Warpath but on an "Epic" scale. However, with another big company doing something similar, Mantic want your say...

The Future Of Warpath In Your Hands

As Ronnie says in this video, a lot of work has gone into Warpath at this stage but they need the backing of the community to know that this isn't going to fall by the wayside and get overshadowed by the monolith that is Legions Imperialis from Games Workshop.

Warpath - Mantic Games

Warpath // Mantic Games

Download The Rules

Use The Form - Have Your Say

As it stands, the game is going to be a small-scale affair (somewhere between 12-15mm) with all manner of miniatures getting turned into TINY takes on their 28mm brothers and sisters. The Two-Player Starter Set has already been thought about with the Enforcers going up against the Plague featuring loads of infantry, tanks and walkers. Additionally, there are plans in development for the Forge Fathers and Asterians as armies three and four.

Warpath Miniatures - Mantic Games

Warpath Miniature Preview // Mantic Games

On the rules side of things, the manuscript for Warpath is now available for you to download and read through HERE. It will give you an idea of where the game stands and help inform your decision-making when it comes to helping out Mantic.

There is a forum that you can fill out HERE which could help Mantic make a decision on where to go next. Do they continue with their idea and create Warpath as intended? That means plastic armies, a retail release and more. The other option is that Warpath could become a digital product with STL files and rules available online.

You can feed into the discussion and have your way on the future of Warpath. One bonus that the game does have is that it will feature alien races. Whereas Legions Imperialis features just human forces (and superhuman ones I suppose), Warpath will feature the varied races that Mantic have created for their Sci-Fi universe.

So what do you think? Where does the future of Warpath lie in your opinion?

"Where does the future of Warpath lie in your opinion?"

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