Mattes Miniatures Head Into The Abyss On Kickstarter

January 20, 2020 by brennon

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Chaos Warriors are storming down from the North with a new Kickstarter by Mattes Miniatures. See what you think of the offerings available from the Into The Abyss project.

Into The Abyss - Mattes Miniatures

The collection offers up a series of burly Chaos Warriors in the style of those raging across the Old World and Mortal Realms. Plus, you'll also be able to get some neat figures which might be aiding these brutal champions or opposing them on the field of battle.

The main set comes with seven of these Abyssal Warriors. As well as the options you see here, you'll also be able to throw in some optional head and weapon variants too.

Abyssal Warriors - Mattes Miniatures

These characters look great and would be the perfect warband in their own right. Each of them could also be at the head of a Chaos warband which is looking to either take to the tabletop as part of a massive army or, in a smaller force which is seeking to brutally sack and raid the villages and towns of the North.

All I can think of when I see these models is the Path To Glory campaigns that I used to play when I was deep into Warhammer. I had a warband of Khorne followers who were very cool indeed, battling against my friends who each took one of the other Chaos Gods. I would certainly dive back into that!

As well as those Abyssal Warriors you can also pick up their seers and sorceresses, the mighty Shard Maidens.

The Shard Maidens - Mattes Miniatures

With word from some dark God, these ladies could well find themselves in the midst of your force, summoning up fell magic to use in protecting your army and vanquishing the enemy. The poses are a little simple but I like the amount of detail that has been worked into the figures. They aren't quite as dynamic as their heavily armoured friends but they are still a nice addition to the project.

Hold The Line!

Arrayed against these murderous foes we also have some Dwarves who are the first line of defence when deadly Chaos warbands are ranging the wilderness.

The Border Patrol - Mattes Miniatures

This is a fantastic set of bearded folk for you to throw into your games. I like the idea of making up a little campaign using just the miniatures from this Kickstarter. You could have one person painting up the Abyssal warriors and using them as their warband whilst the other concentrates on the Dwarves. Then, you dive into a campaign where you battle to try and stop the invaders from burning down the villages they come across!

You can head on over to check out the Kickstarter in full to see what else they have for you to pick up!

"I like the idea of making up a little campaign using just the miniatures from this Kickstarter..."

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