Meet Limbo Miniatures’ Order Of The Rose Warrior Women

July 12, 2017 by brennon

Standing around the 35mm scale mark we have a new set of models from Limbo Miniatures for you to check out. See what you make of the Order Of The Rose...

Order Of The Rose

The Order Of the Rose breaks down into these three miniatures here who look like they've been given a little bit of an anime styling. Either that or they're straight from a Final Fantasy game! I do actually really like the style of their armour, albeit maybe they could have worn some proper breastplates.

Apart from that though I think these three would be fun to paint up in a diorama format, testing your non-metallic metal techniques perhaps?

More From Limbo

Limbo has some other great miniatures in their collection too worth checking out including Princess Jade, The Vixen...


...and this Succubus which again leans towards that anime/manga feel.


However, the one miniature that really jumped out at me from the range was their version of Sun Wukong, The Monkey King!

Monkey King

Now that is an awesome version of this wild warrior from the Far East. I really like the styled base and the work on his weapon is superb.

Will you be taking a closer look at Limbo Miniatures?

"Either that or they're straight from a Final Fantasy game!"

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