Metal King Studio Show Off New Wilderkin For RelicBlade

September 19, 2017 by brennon

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As well as The Wretched Hive, another faction of models is also coming to the world of RelicBlade from Metal King Studio when their Kickstarter campaign arrives. Meet The Wilderkin...

Wilderkin Faction Art

The Wilderkin are a neat twist on Elves for RelicBlade with options like the Gnome you see on the left, the Stonekin in the middle and the Wild Elf Geomancer on the right. The Stonekin, in particular, is looking awesome and it's neat to see a knife-ear with a bit more meat on his bones!

I'm not a fan of the little buckler he's using though in his off hand. I'm not sure he needs it!

They have also shown off the early model work on the Gnome.

Wilderkin Gnome

Considering we've got these two characters coming as part of this release who are looking deadly serious it's nice to throw in a bit of whimsy with this cheeky looking Gnome and his fox buddy. I'm sure he's no slouch when he's stuck in a combat situation either.

What do you think of The Wilderkin?

"'s neat to see a knife-ear with a bit more meat on his bones!"

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