Minairon Miniatures Unveil New Trubia-Naval Tank

June 6, 2019 by cassn

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Minairons Miniatures are reliving the caos y sangre of Guerra Civil Española with the production of a tiny tank that played a small but significant role in the fight for Spanish control.

The Trubia-Naval was a Spanish light tank designed for infantry and based on the 1936 Trubia, produced by the Naval de Setao and designed for use by the Northern Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. While the precise number produced is unknown, it's estimated between 20-45 units were manufactured for use.


Many Trubia-Naval tanks were subsequently captured by Nationalist forces, and captured units were often repainted by opposition forces with the Nationalist colours of the red and yellow Spanish flag around the turret and the St- Andrew's cross painted on the top of the turret for air recognition.

Minairons Miniatures have produced a 1/100th scale resin/white metal model of this distinctive unit which can be used to recreate key battles from the Guerra Civil Española. You can get a closer look at the Trubia-Naval here.

¡Viva el juego de guerra!

"¡Viva el juego de guerra!"

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