Make Mincemeat Of Your Foes On Deep Cut’s Butcher’s Guild Pitch

October 16, 2018 by brennon

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Deep Cut Studios are powering through the releases for their Guild Ball collection. The latest of their options is for the Butcher's Guild who get themselves a rather bloody pitch.

Butcher's Guild Pitch - Deep Cut Studio

As with all of their mat designs for Guild Ball, this is themed to fit the guild in question. Not only does it have the symbol for the team emblazoned atop it but the landscape is akin to their home ground. In this case, it is the muddy outdoors that you might find around a paddock for pigs and cows.

Butcher's Guild Pitch Full - Deep Cut Studio

I love the splatters of blood across the pitch. Are they from the animals they have slaughtered for their day job OR from their enemies on the pitch...who would know?

Are you going to be snapping up one of these themed pitches for yourself?

Drop your thoughts below...

"I love the splatters of blood across the pitch..."

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