More Miniature Teasers Pop Up For Res Nova’s Warzone Eternal

March 15, 2022 by brennon

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Some more teasers for Warzone Eternal have popped up thanks to the work by Soshie's Magnificent Mini Painting over on Facebook. We got to get a peek at some more of the range that will be coming to tabletops via Kickstarter soon.

Blood Beret - Warzone Eternal

Blood Beret // Warzone Eternal

One of the first miniatures was this Blood Beret. It's neat to see that Res Nova Games have been looking to do just as they mentioned during initial previews of the range. They seem to be looking at the more old school designs over the more realistic look to the Warzone Resurrection range that we saw last. I think that works exceptionally well for this universe.

That also means that you get the big shoulder pads and over-the-top colour schemes of the Golden Lions like you see here.

Golden Lion - Warzone Eternal

Golden Lion // Warzone Eternal

Again, I think this looks grand. Big, bold and very much inspired by the art of the old school Warzone game. It's nice to see more of these preview miniatures popping up, giving us a window into the range that will be popping up on Kickstarter.

One of the more recent previews was for one of the Necromutants!

Necromutant - Warzone Eternal

Necromutant // Warzone Eternal

This got painted up recently and was actually based on the look of one of the old Paul Bonner pieces. Again, I think it engages with that over-the-top and retro feel to the original Warzone game but with modern and updated sculpting techniques and methods.

I would hope that Soshie is going to be painting more of these models as the Kickstarter hoves into view. So, if you want to keep getting a peek at what's new for Warzone Eternal I would keep an eye on social media!

Are you liking the style of miniature that Res Nova have gone for?

"...if you want to keep getting a peek at what's new for Warzone Eternal I would keep an eye on social media!"

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