Res Nova Games Working On Bringing Forth Warzone Eternal

February 28, 2022 by brennon

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Res Nova Games has been working away in the background on something particularly fun. It looks like skirmishes within the world of Mutant Chronicles is going to be a thing again with Warzone Eternal coming to Kickstarter soon.

Warzone Eternal - Res Nova Games

Warzone Eternal // Res Nova Games

Warzone Eternal is going to be helmed by Res Nova Games. This will be their first miniatures game but they've certainly been working hard in the background on this one. According to some messages from the team, the game rules have been going through iteration after iteration (always good to know testing is in hand!) and they have also been looking at the best way to bring miniatures to life.

Tom Mason, who some will remember from the MERCS range, has been working with them to bring the miniatures to life. The classic Warzone/Mutant Chronicles is at the heart of what they're doing and that can only be a good thing. We've even seen just one of these miniatures in the wild thanks to Shoshie's Magnificent Mini Painting.

Razide - Shoshies Magnificent Mini Painting

Razide // Shoshie's Magnificent Mini Painting

Pretty cool! Despite the unfortunate twists and turns of the previous iteration of the Warzone rules, I really did have a lot of fun with that game. I loved painting the miniatures and the game was good too. It was just a little bit of a shame that the game itself sort of lost a head of steam.

Warzone Eternal Art Teasers

Additionally, we've also been seeing some snippets of artwork popping up from Dan Morison over on Twitter...

The Dark Aspostle Art - Res Nova Games

The Dark Apostle Art // Res Nova Games

Again, the look and feel of what we're seeing here seems distinctly awesome and inherently "Warzone". This is certainly focusing things in the right direction. Again, I absolutely love the aesthetic of Warzone and if this is what they're seeking to bring to the table, it has got my attention.

Warzone Eternal Art - Res Nova Games

Brotherhood Art // Res Nova Games

So, we don't know much more right now but if you want to keep abreast of what's happening, I would recommend joining their Warzone Eternal Facebook Group. They have an active community there that has been sharing their thoughts and showing off plenty of great miniatures too.

More Warzone Eternal Previews

We've also been seeing some chat about the upcoming game from Res Nova Games' Alex Kanous and Bryan Steele...

Res Nova Games Interview

This is also where we got this first shot at one of the miniatures from the upcoming game, a Blood Beret.

Blood Beret Trooper - Warzone Eternal

Blood Beret Trooper // Warzone Eternal

The idea is that these plastic miniatures would be reminiscent of the original range but feature modern sculpting techniques and options. So, you still get big shoulder pads but without the threat of cutting your head off when you shrug. I believe they are going to be using the SioCast team in order to bring the miniatures to life.

As someone who really enjoyed the last miniatures game for Warzone, I am eager to see what they do here. Good miniatures and a solid, reliable and easy-to-use set of rules could bring a lot of people back into the fold.

Are you going to be keeping an eye on this?

"As someone who really enjoyed the last miniatures game for Warzone, I am eager to see what they do here..."

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