Minimoto Starter Set Lands For GCT Studios’ Bushido

July 19, 2018 by brennon

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The hotly anticipated Minimoto Starter Set is now available to pre-order for GCT Studios' Bushido. Take a peek...

Minimoto Starter Set - Bushido

Here's a little bit of background about the Minimoto Clan for those who have missed out on the previews and such...

"The Minimoto clan are as stoic and unyielding as the Iron Mountains they call home. Unparalleled masters of metal craft and the arts of metallurgy and mining. The great mountain not only provides the clan’s wealth but also its protection. This great clan, whose loyalty was once unquestioned by the Takashis, has grown distant of late. Rumours spread of the Old Bear rousing from too many long winters, slumbering in his mountain halls, and he is hungry.

So long on the fringes of the ‘civilised’ world have left the Bear clan without the need or taste for the frivolities of court, ‘The Bear does not dance’, but it does fight, and would that be against the shadows, Dragon, Eagle or Snake it pays no mind, for with Tetsubo in hand there are few that can oppose its fury."

I really like the style of these miniatures who have that classic Japanese look to them but embellished with some more of that Fantasy flare which comes across with those masks that they're wearing. A very cool clan indeed to get stuck into.

Clan Support

As well as the Starter Set above the Minimoto Clan also have access to some reinforcements in the shape of the Jyoto Ashigaru...

Jyoto Ashigaru - Bushido

...and this wonderful little fellow known as Hisoka who is no doubt a lot more dangerous than he lets on.

Hisoka - Bushido

There is a great sense of character and depth to the sculpts that Bushido has been working on over the past few months and because of the increased scale (35mm) they offer up lots of possibilities for painters and hobbyists who want a new challenge.

Bushido itself has quite the cult following and still gets played regularly at clubs with a vibrant tournament scene as well.

Are you a lover of Bushido?

"...because of the increased scale (35mm) they offer up lots of possibilities for painters and hobbyists who want a new challenge"

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