Modiphius Announce Narrative Wargame Combining Romans & Old Ones!

April 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Modiphius Entertainment are no stranger to TTRPGs on the dark tentacle-ly side! Home to Achtung! Cthulhu, fans of the dark and gruesome horror may be interested in extending their twisted journeys further back in time, to an era of gladiators and centurions. As the publisher has announced a brand new narrative wargame title within the same universe, Cohors Cthulhu.

Cohors Cthulhu - Part 1: Broken Column // Modiphius

In a new struggle against old gruesome creatures inspired by H.P Lovecraft set in the epic era of Ancient Rome, players will explore the time period taking on mysteries and legend. In a narrative wargame designed to be played either solo or cooperatively.

Players are thrown into Rome in disaster and chaos, taking root in a hidden war on the fringes of the Roman Empire. Each player will create their path, whether that be a born and precious Roman, or a rebellious hero from across the Empire as part of a tribe from the likes of Germania, Gaul, Britannia, Hispania and more.

Cohors Cthulhu Artwork - Modiphius Entertainment

Cohors Cthulhu Artwork Preview // Modiphius Entertainment

But, to include the freakish wonders of Lovecraftian horrors, magic is very much still present. Kept closely to those who have firm beliefs in the Gods that will lead them toward bounty. Putting woes aside, there is a bigger threat to humanity and each player will need to break bread with their enemies to face the horrors of the Mythos. Placed in the 2nd Century, players will also be flexing ancient tech and putting steel to flesh.

That is dictatorship from humanity, alignment with human Gods all within an unforgivable environment home to the old ones! Inside my head, I simply imagine a fusion of Achtung! Cthullu with SPQR, which certainly appeals to me as a story fiend, combining the cultures and mythology.

Cohors Cthulhu Illustration - Modiphus Entertainment

Cohors Cthulhu Illustration // Modiphius Entertainment

The Ancients lie to rest awaiting, creeping on their prey from the darkness and shadows. Sending messages to disciples of cultish worships and demanding sacrifice, looking towards to the weaker species of Humanity to corrupt and feast.

There is untouched potential in humanity to fight back even Gods. Adventurers will explore the world surrounding them to equip themselves against the awaiting darkness. On the hunt for relics that may prove them worthy of a fight against the unknown. Players can aspire to achieve a demi-god status by seeking blessings from Gods, and rake in some praised weapons. Or you can aspire to take a Stoic route, following the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius himself.

Cohors Cthulhu Logo - Modiphius Entertainment

Cohors Cthulhu Logo // Modiphius Entertainment

Along with the announcement of the TTRPG, Modiphius have announced a series of 28mm miniatures to join the range, along with a fiction series of novels containing short stories which will certainly encourage further inspiration to the world.

There is no date nailed down for when we can expect the title to be heading to our tabletops, however, Modiphius has told us that we can expect more and more information including reveals, videos and insight to lore and fiction.

As an avid reader, I am certainly keen on seeing how the two genres and mix of fiction across history can meet harmoniously! And the fact that you can play solo from the get-go, I'd be interested in falling deeper down the hole of Cohors Cthulhu.

What are your first impressions on Cohors Cthulhu?

"Dictatorship from humanity, alignment with human Gods all within an unforgivable environment home to the old ones! "

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