Modiphius Announce The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms

May 20, 2019 by brennon

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Mark Latham, one of the men behind games like The Walking Dead: All Out War and the Harry Potter Adventure Miniatures Game is now working with Modiphius on The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms.

The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms - Modiphius

The game uses the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare mechanics which have been reworked and tweaked to fit The Elder Scrolls world. Much like with Fallout, gamers will take control of heroic individuals from The Elder Scrolls and more specifically Skyrim, delving into dungeons and looking to test their mettle against monstrous foes.

Narrative driven scenarios will see you completing quests, delving into dungeons, adventuring across Tamriel as a team or solo with your band of adventurers. Your foes will be controlled by the AI deck which has been used for the Fallout game.

New Sets

The first wave of releases will focus on Skyrim as you lead the Dovakiin or forces under the control of the Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion. Your warbands will be made up of around one to six heroes and three to fifteen troops. There will also be a two-player starter set which and the Dragonborn Set which is focused on single-player experiences.

Elder Scrolls Call To Arms

Once they have adventured through Skyrim they will be heading off to other areas of Tamriel and different Elder Scrolls games. They currently plan to cover games like Oblivion and Elder Scrolls Online so there's plenty to draw on.

Grab The Miniature

The miniature you see above isn't just a preview. Dragonborn Triumphant is a miniature available to buy, right now. If you miss out on the first wave you'll be able to watch out for more releases in waves further down the road.

If you want the resin miniature for yourself, check out the Modiphius booth at the UK Games Expo this year.

Will you be getting in on this?

"Dragonborn Triumphant is a miniature available to buy, right now..."

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