Modiphius Fire Up Fallout’s Insanely Huge Liberty Prime

July 29, 2019 by brennon

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So, your enemy has been annoying you with all sorts of freedom bashing rhetoric and you'd like an appropriately Fallout level response? Well, maybe it's time to fire up Liberty Prime from Modiphius for those playing games of Wasteland Warfare?!

Liberty Prime #1 - Modiphius

This is an absolutely huge miniature which towers over pretty much everything Modiphius has made to date. Pre-orders are live now for delivering in September for this 234mm high model which is no doubt going to lord it over your tabletop.

Liberty Prime #2 - Modiphius

Liberty Prime comes in ten different resin parts and with a fully sculpted base as you can see here. It is also packed with detail, waiting for someone to get stuck in and do something fancy with it. It also carries a bevvy of nuclear bombs, one of which you can see clutches in its fist there, and it will deploy them with extreme prejudice!

I somehow think that this won't be the kind of model most people will find being used in their games very often apart from in very special scenarios. One suggestion from the team at Modiphius is that you use it in parts as terrain pieces which your group is trying to bring together in order to build Liberty Prime. You could have a lot of fun scrapping over the bits!

Will you be picking this up and how would you use it in games?

" would you use it in games?"

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