Grab Modiphius’ New Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms Rules For FREE!

April 1, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has made all of the digital versions of their The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arm rules entirely FREE to download from DriveThru RPG. Three books plus a print & play dice set have been added into the mix for you to pick up and read through before deciding to dive in on this game.

The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms Core Rules - Modiphius

First up we have the Core Rules. Inside this set, you'll find all of the basic rules you need to play the game and explore adventures on the tabletop either solo, cooperatively or in a versus format as two warbands clash with each other.

"The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is a tabletop wargame set against the epic, sprawling backdrop of Tamriel. From the teeming cities of Cyrodiil to the towering mountains of Skyrim, across the ash-plains of Morrowind, and through the steaming swamps of Black Marsh, you must lead your Party of bold warriors on the path to glory. In this game, you must select a mighty champion to lead your Party, surrounding them with heroes and staunch followers.

Players can take on quests, unearth magical artefacts, and fight roaming monsters as they do battle against their opponent, using a combination of strength, stealth and magic to win the day. Call to Arms is a simple game to learn, but a challenge to master; your Party can be assembled in an almost endless variety of ways, each unlocking new tactics and abilities with which to test your skill as a commander and challenge your enemies."

Beyond the Core Rules, you've also got two smaller volumes which give you more options for gameplay. In Escape From Helgen, you are introduced to the game's format and mechanics through a tutorial-style quest (much like in the video game itself).

The Elder Scrolls Escape From Helgen - Modiphius

This particular book steps away from more of the intricate mechanics and instead walks you through the basics of the game and gets you started as a budding Dovahkiin.

"This FREE PDF contains basic tutorials for those who are new to tabletop wargames. The Rulebook contains the full rules, while the Quest Book contains scenarios that structure your gaming experience. This booklet leaves out the full tactical complexity of the game in order to ease you into the adventure, one mail-shod step at a time.

Experienced tabletop wargamers may prefer to dive straight into the Rulebook, whereas brand new players are encouraged to start here, learning the game step-by-
step. At each stage, once you feel you’ve got the idea, feel free to move on to the next tutorial.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is played by moving and exploring with the models under your control, and attacking and defending against the enemy. As you play, you’ll be looking to complete Quests and claim battlefield Objectives in order to score points and assure victory."

I think that even though I'd call myself an experienced wargamer, I'd still dive in and play through this as a way to get my head around the rules. This also strikes me as one of the best ways to dive into the game when it comes to conventions too. I am very interested to give this one a download and give it a go.

Finally in digital form, we've got the Quests book which is actually $5 so it's a little more expensive than, well, free.

The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms Quests - Modiphius

In this book, you'll find out all about the different game modes that we mentioned before like solo, cooperative and competitive play. You'll have a set of ready-to-play scenarios inside which give you a selection of adventures to enjoy.

"This Quest Book is the gateway to starting your adventure in Tamriel! It contains additional rules to those found in the Rulebook. Here you will learn about the different Game Modes, where you can battle with your friends or take on the wilds of Tamriel alone. Most importantly, you will find numerous ready-to-play scenarios, providing tactical challenges and narrative adventure for your games!"

The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms seems like a neat way to get stuck into some gaming on the tabletop whilst locked away and even though the miniatures are yet to be released, you could always break out the miniatures from your collection and play the game now anyway! As hoarders, we tend to have quite a few miniatures which would be suitable for this kind of skirmishing adventure.

To aid in this, Modiphius also released the files to make your own Dice too.

The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms Dice - Modiphius

You can snag these and stuck them to your own dice or indeed craft your own. This will also be helpful as a file for those who get the core set and then want more dice I bet too!

Are you going to check out these downloads?

"...even though the miniatures are yet to be released, you could always break out the miniatures from your collection and play the game now anyway!"

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