Monsterpocalypse Calls On The Mighty Draken Rastaban!

August 24, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press introduces more goodness to the world of Monsterpocalypse with a few mighty Draken options this month. Rastaban is leading the way for the armada as a mighty drake who combines his natural might with high-end technology.

Rastaban - Monsterpocalpyse

Rastaban // Monsterpocalpyse

Rastaban is a monster that can be added into a Protectors force. He is able to lead his allies into battle with his force of personality and motivates them to fight harder against their foes. As well as being a monstrous presence on the tabletop when standing still he can also swoop forward and blast his opponents with strafing fire. He can also draw on the energy from enemy attacks and then blast it back at his foes for mega damage.

Draken Armada Reinforcements

As well as the mighty Rastaban, you can also draw on two new units for the Draken Armada too. Privateer Press now has options on their webstore for the Fusiliers and their Warder...

Fusilier Warder - Monsterpocalypse

Fusiliers & Warder // Monsterpocalypse

...or perhaps you want to go that next step and introduce Coursers & Berserkers into the mix instead. Either way, you have some rather awesome miniatures which are armed with high-tech weaponry AND also their claws and talons as an extra measure.

Coursers Berserkers - Monsterpocalypse

Coursers & Berserkers // Monsterpocalypse

Whenever you think of massive monsters trampling through cities you do tend to think of draconic looking individuals so this seems like a good fit for Monsterpocalypse. You could have a lot of fun painting these miniatures up and combining all of that work on classic reptile skin with pristine battle armour.

What do you think of these new miniatures for Monsterpocalypse?

"What do you think of these new miniatures for Monsterpocalypse?"

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