Monsters & Madmen Hit The Streets Of TTCombat’s Carnevale

February 6, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off a few more additions to the Carnevale collection which will be seeing a release soon. We start with one of the iconic characters from Carnevale, The Black Spectre.

Black Spectre - TTCombat

This absolutely massive miniature shows off another of The Gifted for use in Carnevale who can work alongside the Commedia dell'Arte and within a range of other factions too. Here is a bit more about him...

"Mario Petralone was a Venetian-born Nobleman. That is until he was caught in Florence during the appearance of the Rent in the Sky. He did not perish at that moment but existed in a space between realms. Driven by grief and rage Mario possessed his own son. He grew into inky tendrils, completely overwhelming the young man as they speared into his eyes, nose, and throat. The effect was swift and lethal and the incorporeal noble gained control over his form, anchored to the anguish of his last remaining family member."

He is able to drift through walls and use his abilities to not only strike at foes but drain the life from them and stun them too. If you like the idea of using a character which controls the table in a major way then The Black Spectre is a good shout.

A Writhing Madman

As well as The Black Spectre we also have the horrible and twisted Unleashed Madman who has been unleashed by heinous doctors to do their bidding.

Unleashed Madman - TTCombat

With his many tentacles, this particular individual is great at climbing and dashing at speed across the cobbles of Venice. Undaunted by multiple combatants, this unleashed fiend is able to strike out at everyone within reach and drag them towards its chattering maws.

"Deep in the depths of the Ospedale San Servolo the Doctors run experiment after experiment. Tapping into primal magical energies, they have found a way to mutate patients beyond their wildest dreams. Masses of fanged tentacles emerge from the victim, turning into a host for an otherworldly possession. Luckily for the residents of Venice, these results are hard to reproduce, although it's only a matter of time before the Doctors figure out the process."

I love that we're getting to see more of the magical and macabre side of Carnevale with these new releases.

Will you be snapping these up to use in your own games?

"I love that we're getting to see more of the magical and macabre side of Carnevale with these new releases..."

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