Muster The Matriarchy This Mothers Month On Raging Heroes

May 9, 2022 by fcostin

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Raging Heroes are celebrating Mother's Month this May, in light of the recent passing of Mother's Day, they are tipping their hats to all of the mothers across the widespread Galaxy.

Over on the Raging Heroes website, there are three different Mother's Month Exclusive packs, plus a limited edition model. So whether you are after some mother figures in tabletop antics - there's plenty to choose from for both Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Starting with the Limited Edition model, if you are checking out with over 99€ in your basket, then you can guarantee to have the new and limited edition, Mummy Lulu, in your haul. Not the stereotypical Mummy we were expecting to see, so a wonderful and unexpected change of theme, to ensure Lulu remains adorable. Plus if you spend over 159€, you will also get your mitts on her punk-rocking pal, Kimmie Lulu.

Mummy Lulu - Raging Heroes

Mummy Lulu // Raging Heroes

The first bundle that Raging Heroes have showcased is titled Mothers of the Orphanage Pack - with Mummy Lulu inside! This will provide players whole scope of Sisters who have taken in these lonesome children, out of the brute kindness of their own heart!

Mothers of the Orphanage - Raging Heroes

Mothers Of The Orphanage // Raging Heroes

The set includes 13 different models, cast in high-quality resin scaling at 30mm. Also, comes with 14 x 25mm round bases and 2 x 40mm round base for the two bigger models in the set.

The second set that is now live on Raging Heroes for the mothering festivities is the Mothers of the Crucible Pack. If you love the look of the models above but want to adapt them into a sci-fi title - this is indeed possible.

Mothers of the Crucible - Raging Heroes

Mothers of the Crucible // Raging Heroes

Don't worry! You will still get your adorable Mummy Lulu as part of the deal, but the other models have been adapted for genre. Bringing 13 models in total, with the likes of two large miniatures, and two packs of five bringing troops and command.

The final bundle which is being sold this month is the Lulu's Mother's Month Exclusive Pack. Bringing players six adorable little Lulus and of course, the two limited-edition versions as part of the event.

As we are looking at children Lulu miniatures here, Raging Heroes have stated that these lil bleeders are roughly about 1/3 or 1/2 the size of a regular ol' Heroine.

Lulus Mothers Month - Raging Heroes

Lulus' Mothers Month Exclusive Pack // Raging Heroes

Mother's Month over on Raging Heroes has showcased the toughest girls in the galaxy.  So, along with the badass bundles that Raging Heroes have put up throughout the month, you can get your hands on some individual models, and lady-centric packs too as part of the festivities. Including the likes of Baba Yaga, and 54mm Nertha the Faceless Mother.

Whether you are after a cheeky spend, and happen to get the two limited edition models with your purchase - or want to dip into the special mother-centric sets. There's plenty to choose from this month, so get the girls out on the table to celebrate Mother's Month with Raging Heroes.

The working gals of Raging Heroes... how do they do it all?!

"Mother's Month over on Raging Heroes has showcased the toughest girls in the galaxy. "

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