Mythic Heroes Join Footsore’s Mortal Gods This Month

June 29, 2021 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures & Games have expanded their collection of miniatures for use in Mortal Gods. The newest releases focus more on the "Mythic" side of things for the game but there are still a few Historical options in there too.

Orpheus - Mortal Gods

Orpheus // Mortal Gods

We lead with the miniature for Orpheus. He might not be particularly well renowned for his skill with a sword but his music will do wonders for your chances in battle. With a pluck of his lyre, he'll be able to stop the enemy in their tracks and leave them exposed for a counterattack!

Next up, we have the archery skills of Atlante which can be put to good use in battle.

Atlante - Mortal Gods

Atlante // Mortal Gods

She is able to provide you with plenty of ranged support in-game but also serves as a focal point for inspiration too. Keep your troops around Atlante and they might fight all the harder to protect objectives.

Perseus then steps into battle as a proper up close and personal fighter.

Perseus - Mortal Gods

Perseus // Mortal Gods

As a hero blessed by the gods, Perseus was a mighty monster slayer before the days of Herakles. With him by your side, you might stand a chance against the rampaging monsters that stalk the land in Mortal Gods Mythic.

Speaking of Herakles, the towering hero is also available for you to throw into the ring for Mortal Gods.

Herakles - Mortal Gods

Herakles // Mortal Gods

With most of the miniatures that we've seen here coming in around the "heroic" 32/34mm size, Herakles obviously stands a little taller. At 44mm he is the biggest of the bunch but that certainly befits his legendary status.

Much like Atlante, he inspires his comrades to victory and also works as a great monster hunter in-game. I also like his pose which almost suggests he is wagging his finger at his enemy! "Don't you dare think you can take me on!"

Marines And Slingers

As well as the legendary heroes of myth and legend, we also have a few units which can be added to Egyptian (Persian) and Greek forces in Mortal Gods.

Egyptian Marines - Mortal Gods

Egyptian Marines // Mortal Gods

The Persians prided themselves on good, reliable infantry and that is certainly the case here. Drafted into service alongside the Persians you have the relatively elite force of the Egyptian Marines.

You might also want to just pepper your foes from range. Well, the Greeks are getting themselves a set of Slingers which will be hurling bullets at your enemies.

Greek Slingers - Mortal Gods

Greek Slingers // Mortal Gods

A sling might seem like a relatively insignificant weapon but it could do some serious damage in the right hands. With the right stone and some skill a sling bullet could punch through armour and knock people to the ground with some rather nasty wounds!

Are you going to be going mythical or historical with Mortal Gods?

"The newest releases focus more on the "Mythic" side of things for the game but there are still a few Historical options in there too..."

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