Nasier & Teknes Gain New Warriors For Wrath Of Kings

February 5, 2017 by brennon

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The Wrath Of Kings releases for February have popped up on their webstore as both Teknes and Nasier are getting support on the battlefield. First off we have the Nasier Character Box.


Inside this set...

"New leadership in House Nasier’s battlefields come in two opposing styles. Flying in from above is the nightmare monster Kor Kallum, Greatwing Prototype, who razes the enemy with sword and flame. Skulking in the darkness is the precision killer Vallenya Rhabar, The Shadow’s Step, whose magic claw and sword bring fast death to her enemies."

Now those are some awesome looking miniatures. I particularly love Kor Kallum as I think he looks like a serious powerhouse. I like that the stance they have him in, roaring at his foes before him yelling "come at me bro". Rhabar is also rather cool but maybe it would have been neat to see her in a bit more a fighting stance.

Following on from them we also have some releases for Teknes with the Butchers.


"Infusing a deeper sense of rage and bloodlust in the most depraved of House Teknes’ veteran pig-men, the Union Butchers are devoted soldiers that thirst for the pain and deaths by way of their flesh rending, bone splintering cleaver-blades."

It's neat to see more of the Pig Men coming to the tabletop and I'm sure that Warren will be very happy to see these warriors coming to life. They really do look evil as hell here, don't they?! Utterly crazy although I question the look of the female Butcher. But, each to their own I suppose.

What do you think of these new releases?

"They really do look evil as hell here, don't they?!"

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