New Armies & Small Clashes In Age Of Sigmar Las Vegas Open Previews

February 8, 2019 by brennon

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The Las Vegas Open brings new previews from Games Workshop for fans of Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar and it starts with the announcement of a whole range of new Battletomes to be released throughout the year for each of the Grand Alliances.

Age Of Sigmar Battletomes - Games Workshop

From the looks of it, we're getting something new for the Stormcast Eternals that perhaps brings the Fyreslayers back to the fore. The more typical Undead factions are getting a boost as well as the daemons from Chaos. Last but not least it looks like more Squigs are coming PLUS perhaps something new on the Ogor front? I know a few people who would love to see how that goes for Destruction.

One of the big things, however, was the news on the Blades Of Khorne Battletome which will be coming soon.

Blades Of Khorne Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

This offers up a new and updated look at Khorne for use in your games of Age Of Sigmar. It will be introducing some new concepts into the mix alongside the older miniatures from the collection. For example, there's the addition of these new Khorne Judgements (not spells, never spells).

Khorne Judgements - Age Of Sigmar

They look suitably over the top as you might imagine from Age Of Sigmar. Plenty of bloody, brass and skulls. Khorne would be proud. We also got a look at a new daemon model for Skultaker, once more returned to the tabletop.

Skulltaker - Age Of Sigmar

I do have a soft spot for the daemons of Khorne. The bright red skin brings to life those classic creatures of legend and myth and gives them a seriously over-the-top figure to lead your creatures into the fray.

A Next Chapter

As well as that there's the next chapter in the Soul Wars saga coming for those who are following the story called Forbidden Power.

From the last sneak peek at the end of the preview I would assume that we're going to be seeing something dark being unleashed, potentially by the Grand Alliance of Order. Very interested indeed!

Age Of Sigmar: Warcry

Next up we've also got news that the team behind Shadespire and Kill Team are coming together to create what we assume is going to be a skirmishing version of Age Of Sigmar.

Age Of Sigmar Warcry - Games Workshop

There was an additional teaser trailer thrown into the mix which doesn't give away too much but certainly has us interested. I would love a proper 'handful of miniatures' game set in the Mortal Realms and whilst Skirmish exists in White Dwarf form it's good to see something else popping up.

I am fascinated to see what they do and it would be great to see how this opens up the Mortal Realms to more new players.

Spirits Of The Forest

Last but not least we have an update for Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault with the addition of a Sylvaneth warband, Yltharis Guardians.

Yltharis Guardians ALT - Age Of Sigmar

These are looking superb and bring to life all of the things that I love about the Sylvaneth. As well as them being a doddle to paint they are also bright, inventive and full of malicious character. A perfect way to get stuck into Warhammer Underworlds.

The future is looking bright for all those who are getting stuck into Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar at the moment. I am most excited about Warcry and what that potentially brings to the tabletop.

Are you going to be delving deeper?

"I am most excited about Warcry and what that potentially brings to the tabletop..."

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