A New Round Of EDEN Characters Coming This Month

May 9, 2016 by brennon

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EDEN welcomes some very interesting looking new characters to their blasted and desolate world of funky individuals this month. We'll kick things off with an addition to the Dante's Angels crew...

Angel of Dante

This is a rather funky looking lady with plenty of the road warrior about her. I could see her being at home atop a bike, careering down the freeway looking for the next lost soul to beat up and steal from.

Mutants & Aliens

As well as her we also have this rather harmless looking Mutant chap.


He looks like he is in a sorry state and I imagine he would be the kind of poor creature that our female character above would smash aside. I assume that's some kind of big flame thrower in his hands.

They have also shown off the full miniature for their Nephilim.


I would actually say that this chap is a lot better than the artwork would have had you believe. I really like the stance, the big bird-like/raptor feet and the double blades for slicing his enemies apart.

Not a bad selection for this month - which do you like best?

"I assume that's some kind of big flame thrower in his hands..."

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