Martial Might & Black Powder; New Critical Role Miniatures

April 13, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has announced the next three miniatures you can vote on for upcoming events that Steamforged Games will be attending. Ahead of Origins Game Fair, you'll be able to choose from three more characters from the Critical Role world.

Earthbreaker Groon - Critical Role

First up we have Earthbreaker Groon, the warrior monk that challenged Grog to develop and change the way he approached battle, giving him access to new and powerful abilities. He was able to boost and power up his Titanstone Knuckles after finally defeating him.

Next up we have another warrior with a calm and decisive side, Dairon.

Dairon - Critical Role

Coming from Campaign Two, Dairon is the mentor that Beauregard looks up to. She is blunt and pragmatic, able to infiltrate and coerce her way into all sorts of places. Beyond that she's also a dab hand with that staff and can lay the smackdown on anyone who gets in her way.

Finally, we have the crackpot known as Victor!

Victor - Critical Role

With missing fingers, missing teeth, a battered and broken visage and black powder ALL over him, this fellow was the key source of explosives for Percival in Campaign One. He is utterly mad and would make for a brilliant figure to paint up!

As always, the miniature chosen will be available at the event AND over on their webstore for pre-order too soon.

Which figure would you choose?

"He is utterly mad and would make for a brilliant figure to paint up!"

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