Blast Foes With New Dropzone & Dropfleet Commander Releases

July 24, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat has recently released a bunch of additional miniatures for both Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander. Whether you're battling in orbit or taking the fight to the cities on the planet's surface, you've got some gorgeous new miniatures to add to your collection here.

UCM Brazil Light Behemoth - Dropzone Commander

UCM Brazil Light Behemoth // Dropzone Commander

We start with the 10mm scale wargaming of Dropzone Commander. The UCM are getting themselves a rather impressive Light Behemoth in the form of the Brazil. This particular quadrupedal Behemoth has been designed to make a stable platform for those massive guns, each of which has been designed to put a massive hole in whatever big target your opponent brings to the tabletop.

What's also fun is that losing its legs is simply an inconvenience for the Brazil. It simply just becomes a stationary gun capable of still blasting apart anything that gets in its sights. This particular kit can be built as the aforementioned Brazil or as the India if you prefer.

Going up against the Brazil/India is the Scourge Punisher Light Behemoth. A strange, glistening bug-like Behemoth that is going to strike fear in the hearts of whoever ends up going up against it.

Scourge Punisher Light Behemoth - Dropzone Commander

Scourge Punisher Light Behemoth // Dropzone Commander

This Behemoth gets deployed by the Scourge when they don't give a hoot about collateral damage. Designed as an Anti-Behemoth piece of kit, much like with the Brazil, this is going to be useful when utterly decimating your enemies and probably taking out a good few blocks of buildings around them at the same time.

A fearsome piece of kit and one that would be quite a bit of fun to paint I bet. TTCombat has really taken the insectoid aesthetic to the next level with this one.

Last but not least for Dropzone Commander, we have another piece of kit to help out the UCM. Here we have the Vulture Gunship!

Vulture Gunship - Dropzone Commander

Vulture Gunship // Dropzone Commander

Anti-Tank or Anti-Infantry, take your pick when it comes to the Vulture. The design of this kit is so unbelievably awesome and I like that it continues with the Halo-esque vibes when it comes to its design. It's like all of the best drop/gunships from Sci-Fi movies and video games rolled into one. You can also build this kit as the Buzzard meaning that it can take our aerial aggressors as well.

Heading Into Orbit

In the skies above the planet, the Shaltari are going to be clashing with the PHR. The Shaltari are getting themselves the new Gold Battleship.

Shaltari Gold Battleship - Dropfleet Commander

Shaltari Gold Battleship // Dropfleet Commander

As well as being able to deliver a decent shot with its guns, the Gold Battleship is also able to literally shunt other ships out of the way. The Gravitic Beamer can push ships to where they really don't want to be and when used in low orbit, this means that it could knock ships out of the sky without having to fire a shot.

The PHR also get to play with a fun toy in the form of the Sarpedon Battleship.

PHR Sarpedon Battleship - Dropzone Commander

PHR Sarpedon Battleship // Dropzone Commander

Designed as the tip of the spear, these Sarpedon Battleships are good at rushing into fights and unleashing hell before bugging out when things get too heated. This makes the Sarpedon a pretty fascinating ship that can move quite quickly and harass your opponents. A solid-looking ship with that wonderful sleek design that the PHR is known for.

Could you be tempted to snap up these new Dropzone and Dropfleet miniatures?

"What's also fun is that losing its legs is simply an inconvenience for the Brazil..."

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