Brand New Fighters Hit The Canals Of Carnevale Soon

August 11, 2022 by brennon

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A brand new set of miniatures are going to be finding their way to the streets and canals of Carnevale. TTCombat has been showing off some shadowy previews of the different characters that will be gracing your gangs.

New Carnevale Miniatures - TTCombat

New Carnevale Miniatures // TTCombat

At the heart of this little set of releases is the bestest boy! Whilst the other releases are going to be awesome, I think everyone is most wowed by the addition of that adorable upper. I'm sure he will keep all of the monsters of the Rashaar at bay.

Moving over to the particular miniatures, we have this set of rather splendid characters. You can draw on the skills of the Noble Admiral & Butler.

Noble Admiral & Butler - Carnevale

Noble Admiral & Butler // Carnevale

I love that the Admiral is just swanning about drinking from their glass of wine, not pushing themselves to do anything too strenuous. The Butler by comparison is ready to act at a moment's notice and has drawn her pistol to protect her employer. I do imagine that the Admiral would be able to do some serious damage if the need arose!

As well as the Noble Admiral, there is also the dashing and deadly Female Baroni.

Female Baroni - Carnevale

Female Baroni // Carnevale

Whilst the Admiral is swagging around, the Baroni is leaping into the midst of the fray. I love the action pose here and the movement that has been baked into the sculpt. You could imagine her leaping away in a John Woo-style encounter and vanishing behind cover as arrows and stray bullets smash into the buildings around her.

The last of the new miniatures comes with a big ol' blunderbuss!

Smuggler - Carnevale

Smuggler // Carnevale

I like the idea of the Smuggler being as quiet as possible throughout all of her dealings but when the need arises, she blasts her foes away with the loudest weapon around. It will be fun having her clambering over boats and gondolas with her weapon at the ready, hoping to escape with the loot that she has just pilfered.

Are you going to be diving in and snapping up this set of miniatures for Carnevale?

"The last of the new miniatures comes with a big ol' blunderbuss! "

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