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June 10, 2021 by brennon

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King Games are now back on Kickstarter with their new project, The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf. Much like their previous campaigns, these Fantasy miniatures are perfect for those wanting to tell Old World stories in a realm that is perhaps a little grimdark.

The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf - Dunkeldorf Miniatures 2021

The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

The latest addition to the Dunkeldorf range looks at The Kingpin himself and his gang of miscreants who have taken to the streets. Sven's Bitter might be the brew of the moment but this particularly dastardly individual has plans to cement his rule over the city. A master plan is going to unfold at Dunkeldorf's Mond Festival.

To begin with, here are the new miniatures that you'll be able to snap up as part of this campaign.

The Miniatures - Dunkeldorf Miniatures 2021

The Miniatures // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

As you can see, there are a lot of new characters in the initial collection plus all of those stretch goals too. I love the character that the folks at King Games are able to work into their miniatures and they all feel like NPCs and player characters you'd want to meet (or fight) in your games.

I am really liking the look of Sven's gang but I also love the new Witch Hunters we've seen popping up. This new campaign looks at the seedy side of Dunkeldorf and what's going on behind the scenes. Mutants abound wander the streets and the Witch Hunters are here to burn Dunkeldorf clean.

We certainly need more of these miniatures as you'll see here...

Stretch Goals - Dunkeldorf Miniatures 2021

Stretch Goals // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Who could say no to that mighty Martha, The Ogre Mercenary? As someone who loves their Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, all of these miniatures are so invited. I love that the team at King Games have fully embraced that too, especially with the illustrations that you see here which are clearly influenced by Mordheim and the like.

Add-Ons - Dunkeldorf Miniatures 2021

Add-Ons // Dunkeldorf Miniatures

Just brilliant. If you're eager to see these miniatures up close, Gerry put together an Unboxing this week for you to check out...

Unboxing: Dunkeldorf Miniatures Collection | King Games

This is a really charming looking collection of miniatures which is perfect for those lovers of The Old World.

Maybe you'll even find your newest "hero" amongst this collection?

"This is a really charming looking collection of miniatures which is perfect for those lovers of The Old World..."

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