New Orc Scavenger Sneaks Into The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

June 25, 2024 by brennon

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Another preview popped up recently for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game from Games Workshop which is heading to Arnor soon with a new supplement later this year. We've seen the forces of Good and the brave Arnor heroes holding their ground but now we get a glimpse at the evil forces dwelling in the shadows.

Nazthak -Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Nazthak // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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Nazthak is a deadly and conniving Orc Captain in the service of Angmar and the Witch-king. He has managed to rise through the ranks by backstabbing his way to the top I would imagine and also has a habit of scavenging the battlefield. This accounts for the tattered banner of Arnor that he now drapes around himself and the weapons and armour that he has stuffed into bags and belts.

Nazthak comes with a standard statline for an Angmar Orc Captain but he also gets to make use of three Might Points which will allow him to turn the tide in his favour with ease throughout the battle. He only starts with a dagger but his Scavenge ability will enable him to get the choicest picks through the course of the fight.

He has a rather unique ability which allows him to take wargear from his defended foes. Shank a regular soldier and take their sword for use later in the fight! This means that Nazthank could arm himself with a legendary weapon, a horn, or a banner for example. He can choose what works best for you in the moment or just whatever selfishly works for him!

The latest teaser for what's next hints at another hero for the forces of Good. Perhaps another mounted Arnorian ready to battle the forces of Angmar!

What do you make of the new miniature for Nazthak?

"Nazthak is a deadly and conniving Orc Captain in the service of Angmar and the Witch-king..."

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