Defend Hobbiton In New Scouring Of The Shire Sourcebook

May 13, 2019 by brennon

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Whilst not shown in the films, the Scouring Of The Shire is hinted at during Frodo's vision whilst in Lothlórien and now Games Workshop is going to give you a chance to play our Saruman's attempted conquest of this sleepy corner of Middle-earth with a new sourcebook.

Scouring Of The Shire - Games Workshop

The new book will come with a range of scenarios and such that are based around the Scouring Of The Shire as well as rules for new Hobbit heroes and Ruffians who are looking to make some gold serving the insidious Saruman.

Ruffians - Games Workshop

As well as a new set of Ruffians that will include gruff looking fellows like these above you'll also find a vast array of new Hobbits which are no doubt going to make it into Sam's collection.

Hobbits #1 - Games Workshop

It's not clear how much of this is going to be produced specifically by Forge World but considering it's a little bit of a niche period, even within Middle-earth I could imagine all of these being produced in resin.

Hobbits #2 - Games Workshop

I have to say, I think the miniatures for these Shire Hobbits are looking fantastic. There's plenty of detail worked into the sculpts and they paint up very nicely too. Additionally, it's nice to see that whilst many of them have weapons you could also use a few of these as civilians just trying to get out of the way too.

Hobbits #3 - Games Workshop

As well as being a fantastic new resource for people who are looking to explore Middle-earth in a wargaming sense these would be neat for those playing role-playing games set in Tolkien's world too. You could use these as non-player characters wandering the streets of Bree and such.

Hobbits #4 - Games Workshop

There's a lot to like about what Games Workshop are doing for the faithful Middle-earth crowd. This game could very easily have just faded away into the background but I love that instead they're getting really stuck in, producing not just new sculpts but also bringing the older ones back to the fore too.

"In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit"

Since you're going to be fighting through The Shire you're going to need some terrain that fits the setting. So, you'll be able to get your hands on terrain pieces which you can use to make wonderful little Hobbit Holes!

Hobbit Hole - Games Workshop

The set won't come with the additional gubbins that you need to build up the hill but you will get the front facade as well as the windows and chimney stacks. All you need to do is find some foam and cardboard to start building up the base for this and the rounded hillock.

Knights & Legendary Goblins

As well as the work going into The Scouring Of The Shire you'll also find lots more characters making an appearance too. The first of these is Deorwyn for the forces of Rohan.

Deorwyn - Games Workshop

Shown on foot and mounted he serves as Chief of the King’s Knight. I'm not sure on the massively thick shield here but otherwise, I think the model is looking rather awesome.

We will also see a return of the goblin who was defeated by Bandobras “The Bullroarer” Took. Check out Golfimbul.

Golfimbul - Games Workshop

This was one of the older models that vanished from the Games Workshop line-up, now getting a new lease of life.  Now as well as playing out the later struggles for control of The Shire you can go back in time too.

So, has Sam heard the word Hobbit enough to come running?

"...has Sam heard the word Hobbit enough to come running?"

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