Grab New Starter Sets For Para Bellum Wargames’ Conquest

February 17, 2022 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames is looking to make 2022 the year of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings with a new selection of Starter Sets for their various 35mm scale Fantasy armies.

Two-Player Starter Set - Conquest

Two-Player Starter Set // Conquest

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You can jump into the world of Conquest with a friend thanks to the Two-Player Set if you like. This comes with two evenly matched armies for The Hundred Kingdoms and The Spires. You get mighty warlords, elite troops and all of the core units that you could need to get started in the game.

As well as this, the new Starter Sets (not just the one above) come with additional material for getting you stuck into the game. There is a copy of the latest The Last Argument Of Kings rules included in the box, updated assembly guides and tips and tricks for using your army on the tabletop. The idea is to make these a foolproof way to start your Conquest journey.

One Player Starter Sets

If you would prefer to dive into the game with a different set of miniatures then you have some One Player offerings as well as the Two Player Starter Set above.

Hundred Kingdoms Starter Set - Conquest

The Hundred Kingdoms Starter Set // Conquest

The Spires Starter Army - Conquest

The Spires Starter Set // Conquest

Just like the Two-Player offering, these have been designed to be balanced against each other. So, if you wanted to try out the game with a friend but you both like the look of the Dweghom and the Nords, you can just snap these up instead!

Dweghom Starter Army - Conquest

Dweghom Starter Set // Conquest

Nords Starter Army - Conquest

Nords Starter Set // Conquest

This also means that each of the sets also comes with additional resources for taking things beyond these initial Starter Sets. You might want to check out our very own Path Of Conquest show as a handy guide to updating and changing your armies as well!

Even the W’adrhŭn, the newest faction for Conquest, have got themselves a new Starter Set which is a great jumping-off point.

W adrhun Starter Army - Conquest

W’adrhŭn Starter Set // Conquest

If you are interested in exploring the W’adrhŭn as a faction then you should certainly check out the new Path Of Conquest videos we've been doing. They should be very helpful when it comes to working out where to take your army in the future. Just add Apex Predators, right?

I would imagine that once we start to see more factions pop up for Conquest we'll see new Starter Sets popping up as well. It will be fun to see what they include!

Are you tempted by one of these?

"If you are interested in exploring the W’adrhŭn as a faction then you should certainly check out the new Path Of Conquest videos we've been doing..."

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