Check Out A Mass Of New Weird World War DUST Releases!

August 14, 2019 by brennon

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The folks behind DUST 1947 dropped a whole bunch of new releases into the mix for those who want to get stuck into more Weird World War antics on the tabletop. There is a lot for us to go through here but there should be something for everyone in the mix.


Mercenary Headquaters - DUST

Mercenary Obliterator - DUST

Mercenary Railgun Team - DUST

Mercenary Support Squads - DUST

The biggest set of releases was indeed for the Mercenaries who are very much the pin-up girls of the DUST world. There are all sorts of characters to throw into the mix for this force and whilst it won't be to everyone's tastes it does give you a look into the quirkier side of DUST. I think I'd personally prefer my soldiers armed and armoured properly when going into combat!


Heavy Rangers Headquarters - DUST

Heavy Ranger Assault Squad - DUST

Rangers Heavy Mortar Squad - DUST


Grenadier Support Squads - DUST

Grenadier Support Squad - DUST

Fallschrimjager - DUST

Luftwaffe Headquarters - DUST


IJN Railgun Teams - DUST







Cthulhu Mythos

Cthulhu Mythos Cultist Squad - DUST

This is the kind of thing I was looking forward to seeing! I love that they are embracing more of the weird and wonderful in an already weird game. It makes sense to throw a bit more of this Cultist stuff into the mix, giving everyone a big bad to focus on when it comes to their campaigns. We just need to see lots more gribbly monsters and folks who support them. I will admit that this set just looks like the same guy with different facial hair though...

Last but not least we also have this piece of terrain. VK is what most of your armies are going to be fighting over so it makes sense to have a few pallets of it for you to find on the battlefield.

VK Stash - DUST

So, once you've looked through this massive amount of releases from DUST for the game make sure to tell us which faction you've been playing as.

What weird and wonderful stuff would you like to see get added to DUST?

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