Nords Werewolves & More Coming To Conquest This Year

September 26, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games has been showing off some more of the miniatures that will be joining the Fantasy wargame, Conquest. For example, you might want to check out the awesome Nords Werewolves that are going to be leaping into the fighting towards the end of 2023.

Nord Werewolves - Conquest

Nords Werewolves // Conquest

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These Werewolves are looking properly awesome and I really love the style of them. The big hulking look is great and it certainly manages to nail the monstrous strength that these miniatures possess. It's often quite hard to get werewolves looking good but I think that Para Bellum has done a fine job here. I think there's also something of the "Beast" from Beauty & The Beast about them too.

It would be worth watching the latest Conquest Happy Hour from Para Bellum Games as well. There are some tasty morsels for you to get stuck into here including a look at some fun Christmas miniatures.

Conquest Happy Hour // Q4 2023 Product Catalogue Reveal

Do you think you'll be scooping up these Werewolves or perhaps something different from Conquest as 2023 comes to an end?

Drop your thoughts below!

"I think there's also something of the "Beast" from Beauty & The Beast about them..."

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