North Star Bundle Up New Ghost Archipelago Releases

May 1, 2019 by dracs

North Star Military Figures are releasing a bunch of new miniatures and books for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, and have made them available as a set of collector's deal bundles.

Pray To Gods Of Fire

A lot of miniatures are among the new releases, including seven new characters and creatures.

These denizens of the Ghost Archipelago run the gamut from swashbuckling adventurer to brutish cyclops, filling your game with some very characterful sculpts.

These accompany the Ghost Archipelago Tribals, brought together into one collection deal.

This provides you with quite a good warband of miniatures and if you want to see more of them, you can check out our own unboxing.

Stories Of The Archipelago

Alongside the miniatures, two sets of books are coming to tell the story of the Ghost Archipelago.

The first bundle brings together the various accessory packs and supplements for the game.

The second bundle consists of novels, telling stories set within the game's world.

Both of these sets will help to expand your game and let you delve into the setting further. I always love to see when a game is supported by a wealth of background material, as it gives you the sense of participating in something much grander than just minis on the table.

North Star have put these bundles up on their webstore now, and have stated that the separate packs will be available later in May.

Do you plan to pick up any of these sets?

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