North Star Preview Frostgrave Blood Legacy Miniatures

January 3, 2022 by brennon

North Star Military Figures has previewed some of the new Frostgrave miniatures popping up in Late January. These heroes and villainous monsters are tied to the newest expansion for Osprey's skirmish wargame, Blood Legacy.

Blood Legacy Characters - Frostgrave

Blood Legacy Characters // Frostgrave

The miniatures that you see here come based on the artwork by aRU-MOR that featured throughout the Blood Legacy book. For example, you've got one of the mighty Giant-Blooded on the left there alongside what seems to be male and female variants for the Vampire Hunters. You could also use the lady in the centre as a Sword Master if you prefer. Some awesome miniatures, packed with character and action - just what you want when it comes to skirmish wargames.

A pair of Leechwolf miniatures also popped up as part of their preview alongside a furred-up Vampire who has awoken from the depths of Felstad.

Blood Legacy Monsters - Frostgrave

Blood Legacy Monsters // Frostgrave

As always, it's great to see more popping up from North Star for Frostgrave. I really like that they've done some of the quirkier miniatures from the range to help plug the gaps that you might not be able to do with other miniatures.

It would be great to see folks picking these up and dropping them into your games of Frostgrave. Perhaps in the form of some battle reports in our Project system?

Are you going to be picking these up when they release?

"I really like that they've done some of the quirkier miniatures from the range..."

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