Northstar Are Intercepting A Worthy Road Warrior

October 3, 2019 by avernos

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Nick at North Star has partnered up with Mark Copplestone to produce something that is truly delightful, possibly unnecessary, but 100% needed. In partnership with Mark Copplestone, North Star will be making a small range of 20mm metal figures to go with Gaslands Refuelled. The first figure will be 'The Interceptor'.

Road Warrior

This shotgun-wielding cop on a mission looks positively outraged by something, I guess we will never know what sent him on his intercept course though. An interesting thing is that Mark and Nick aren't releasing these as official miniatures but instead using the Friends of Gaslands. This is a system that the creator of Gaslands came up with codify the inevitable third party accessories. Smaller companies and writers often lose out on third party accessories but Mike took the view that he'd rather have people support and play his game than get buried in paperwork.

Angry Arthur

For a 20 mm sculpt he is very recognisable as a young Australian 20 something actor, and if this is what kind of thing we can hope to see from the friends of Gaslands I'm totally on board for all of this. I'm keen to see what comes next from Mark and Nick, I wonder if they'll stick with those run of films for the next few miniatures and serve up Toecutter and friends for us next, or will they start dipping into other famous drivers? In which case Baby Driver has a very distinctive look or David Carradine's Frankenstein from Death Race 2000.

What refuelled driver would you like to see for Gaslands?

"This shotgun wielding cop on a mission looks positively outraged by something"

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