Lead The Old Dominion With New Conquest Commanders

May 26, 2022 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has got two new character figures up for pre-order if you're looking to dive into The Old Dominion in Conquest. The two 35mm commanders in question are the Optio and the Strategos.

Optio - Conquest

Optio // Conquest

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The first of the miniatures is the Optio. Working with that Roman-style military organisation, the Optio is second in command to the Centarchos. They are stern and experienced veterans and that has continued long after their deaths.

Once again, I really like the look and feel of The Old Dominion. The archaic and twisted armour is fascinating and should be great fun to paint. Twinning that with the emaciated flesh beneath the armour and you've got a fun army for Conquest.

The second of the miniatures is the Strategos which now sees a regular release after the option for a special version of the character when The Old Dominion launched.

Strategos - Conquest

Strategos // Conquest

Much like others of their rank, they were awakened into unlife and service with many of their memories and skills intact. Now they find themselves commanding the battlefield as they did in life but with the knowledge that they are locked into endless servitude. This makes them deadly fighters but they have minds of their own, making them an occasional pain in the arse for the higher-ups within The Old Dominion.

Two fun miniatures for you to pick up and play around with during your games of Conquest. If you're into your undead with a twist then I would suggest The Old Dominion!

Are you liking these two new characters?

"If you're into your undead with a twist then I would suggest The Old Dominion!"

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