Old Glory Introduce Their 15/18mm Hundred Years War Range

June 3, 2020 by brennon

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Old Glory has been showing off a new selection of 15/18mm Hundred Years War miniatures which are preparing to fight on the battlefields of Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt in the near future. Will you be using these for your next wargaming project?

English Longbowmen - Old Glory.jpg

Old Glory Longbowmen

The focus right now for the team at Old Glory seems to be on building up the English faction with the French coming later down the line. They have ticked all of the boxes with plenty of archers, knights, men-at-arms and command figures in the mix to use when playing out the Hundred Years War.

English Mounted Command - Old Glory

Old Glory Mounted Command

This is certainly feeding into the idea of smaller being better right now with us here at OnTableTop. Warren is diving into this realm and scale right now for his alternative take on Rangers Of Shadow Deep so it might be worth him looking at this range too.

Dismounted Knights - Old Glory

Old Glory Dismounted Knights

The miniatures look to be fairly well detailed and metal is always a big plus when it comes to adding a bit more heft and such to the miniatures. You can make out all the different layers of plate, chainmail and padded armour on the models which can be picked out with a keen eye and a steady hand.

Mounted Hobilers - Old Glory

Old Glory Mounted Hobilars

Whenever I see Hobilars in miniature form I am reminded of Medieval Total War and how much I relied on them when it came to playing out battles in the early stages of the game. I have always liked the idea of lighter armed and armoured soldiers on horseback over regular knights. I think I just like their plucky resolve!

What do you make of these miniatures?

"Whenever I see Hobilars in miniature form I am reminded of Medieval Total War..."

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