Olmec Games Preview Three New Drowned Earth Characters!

September 24, 2019 by brennon

Olmec Games has previewed three new characters coming to the world of The Drowned Earth towards the tail end of this year. We're getting a cavalcade of fantastically colourful characters this time!

Arabelle - The Drowned Earth

The first of the new wave of previews was for Arabelle who will be able to use her Wayfarer Medic abilities to heal not just her allies but also those not affiliated with her too. She is a helpful soul and should come in quite cheap in terms of cost so you can slip her into most crews.

Next, we're turning to the hefty bulk of Makko for The Firm.

Makko - The Drowned Earth

As you might have guessed from his bulk, this fellow is going to be smashing through enemies with ease. I love the fact that we're seeing some cool tattoo work across his reptilian skin and that will be fun for hobbyists to try and replicate when the model arrives.

Finally for the next wave of releases we have Kohua.

Kohua - The Drowned Earth

Joining The Artefacters, Kohua comes armed with a long-range Tranquilliser Rifle which means you're going to want to watch out for this fellow in the canopy!

As always with The Drowned Earth we're presented with some wonderfully unique and colourful characters for a game which always captures our attention when we get it down to the tabletop. We can't wait to see the actual models for these three new characters.

What do you make of them?

"We can't wait to see the actual models for these three new characters..."

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