OnePageRules Build Bumper New Patreon Welcome Pack

November 3, 2020 by brennon

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OnePageRules has put together a new Welcome Pack of 3D Printable miniatures for those that sign up to their Patreon. You can get a bumper bundle of Sci-Fi and Fantasy miniatures to use with their games and more.

November Welcome Pack Sci-Fi Knights - OnePageRules

November Welcome Pack Battle Brothers // OnePageRules

There is a good mix of miniatures in here starting with this array of Battle Brothers. You get two different heroes and nine troopers which can be used to build a full squad. These soldiers are armed with a selection of familiar weapons as well as a few special options like a rocket launcher, flamer and more.

As well as the Battle Brothers you've also got these funky Sci-Fi Ratmen for you to drop into your games as well.

November Welcome Pack Rat Men - OnePageRules

November Welcome Pack Ratmen // OnePageRules

Ratmen seem to be making quite a few strides into the world of Sci-Fi and this offers up three new characters. You've got something of a caster or psyker here alongside an assassin and sniper. I like that you've also got two miniatures with big scenic bases which give you an idea as to how brutal these creatures are.

Finally, we have these three Beastmen characters which you can print off. I love me some anthropomorphic awesomeness and I particularly like that fox-like creature with the two swords.

November Welcome Pack Animal Adventurers - OnePageRules

November Welcome Pack Beastmen // OnePageRules

This offers up the Fantasy element for this new Welcome Pack and might inspire a few folks to dive in and try something different. You can also get yourself a new Ruler set and Tokens which can be used across an array of games from OnePageRules.

November Welcome Pack Ruler & Tokens - OnePageRules

November Welcome Pack Ruler & Tokens // OnePageRules

Make sure to check out the Patreon from OnePageRules above as they will no doubt have all manner of fun new miniatures in the mix for you to print at home during the month of November. Let us know if you'll be printing these new pieces out yourself.

Do you like those new Battle Brothers?

" Let us know if you'll be printing these new pieces out yourself..."

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