OnePageRules’ Robot Legions Rise For Battle On MyMiniFactory

January 5, 2021 by brennon

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During December, the team at OnePageRules put together another set of fantastic 3D Printable options for their Patreons. The Robot Legions are now available over on MyMiniFactory in a bundle which offers up characters, elites and core units for Sci-Fi wargamers.

Robot Legion - OnePageRules

Robot Legions // OnePageRules

The aim here was to present you with another set of alternative options for you to use during your games set in universes like Warhammer 40,000 but also alongside their own superb set of rules for Grimdark Future and Grimdark Future: Firefight.

Overseer - OnePageRules

Overseer // OnePageRules

There are some really cool influences which have been brought together for this collection. They have taken the theme of an ancient race of machines and played around with the look a little which is nice to see. There is still a bit of Egyptian in there but I'm also getting influences from other cultures too. There's even a touch of the Protoss from StarCraft about them too which is neat!

Warden - OnePageRules

Warden // OnePageRules

What I like about them though is that the combination of different styles has presented a set of miniatures which I think would be great for something grimdark but also would fit equally well into all manner of other Sci-Fi games too. For example, I could see these characters being a perfect addition to games like Warpath or Core Space as ancient foes which have been stirred from their slumber.

Snakes - OnePageRules

Snakes // OnePageRules

The options from OnePageRules as part of this pack offer up the Overseer as a leader character as you will have seen above alongside the Warden. You also get the Snakes which look like engineered killing machines, a perfect elite option for your army.

This is all rounded off with the addition of the Warriors that you see here who come armed with an assortment of terrifying looking weapons.

Warriors - OnePageRules

Warriors // OnePageRules

With fifteen miniatures in the bundle from MyMiniFactory, that should be a good starting point for a skirmish force to use in your skirmish games. The temptation would be to paint them all battered and rusty with plenty of metallics but I reckon you could go in and paint these with a poppy primary colour which is then weathered down afterwards. I think that kind of scheme would work especially well for those wanting to use this army away from a grimdark setting.

What do you make of the Robot Legions?

"I reckon you could go in and paint these with a poppy primary colour which is then weathered down afterwards..."

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