Only God Forgives With New Posse For Wild West Exodus

October 28, 2019 by brennon

Warcradle has been showing off two new sets which have been put up for pre-order for the world of Wild West Exodus. Leading the way we have the Only God Forgives Posse which features a range of new characters.

Only God Forgives - Wild West Exodus

This set comes with a number of characters for you to play around with including Giulianna Starr, Leroy Starr, Papa Trinity, Bud "Scorcher" Hutch, Ignatius Nero, Joey Manco and finally Sadie Walker, which all comes together into a properly mercenary company. There are a few different allegiances in effect here from the Outlaws through to the Hex and Enlightened.

If you're interested in learning more about the fluff and background behind this Posse you can find out more on the link posted above.

Pacifiers & Terminators

If you're looking for a little bit of extra of muscle to throw into the mix make sure to check out this pack which either makes Union Pacifiers or Confederate Terminators.

Union Pacifiers Confederate Terminators - Wild West Exodus

The set can make two miniatures so make sure you pick which one you'd prefer and get stuck in to make these armour-clad soldiers which are bristling with guns. If you're looking to hose down the enemy from afar then these would make pretty nifty fellows to throw into the mix.

I'm not entirely sure on the design and sculpts for them though but it might just be because we're seeing the renders. I'm sure they look great when painted up.

What do you make of these new pre-orders?

"What do you make of these new pre-orders?"

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