An Orc Wolf Rider Comes Howling Out of Scibor

March 10, 2015 by dracs

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Recently, we saw Scibor working on a sculpt for a massive 54mm mounted orc. Now the Orc Wolf Rider is finished and has come howling out of Scibor's webstore.

Orc Wolf Rider

Standing at 54mm scale, this is more a collector's piece than a gaming model. The wolf and rider provide plenty of scope for different painting techniques and once fully painted this should be a pretty impressive display item.

Orc Wolf Rider Back

While I am still not keen on the strange proportions of the wolf, the rider I think looks superb. Scibor have done a good job in making him recognizable as an orc, while steering far away from the cartoony style a lot of companies go for with them. The result is a barbaric warrior who looks tough as nails.

Are you tempted to pick this up from Scibor?

"The result is a barbaric warrior who looks tough as nails."

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