Osprey Discuss The Role Of Heroes & Monsters In Oathmark

February 26, 2020 by brennon

Osprey Games has been diving in to tell us more about the mechanics of Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age. This time around they are delving in to discuss the way that Heroes & Monsters will work in your mass battle games.

Oathmark Army #1 - Osprey Games

Looking at the different heroes you can call to your side, they start with the Commanders. These warriors tend to have an influence over a large section of the battlefield, offering their tactical advice and making sure that you can activate the units you want when you want. They can be expensive thanks to this added ability to help you activate your army more effectively but they more than makeup for their points sink.

Next, you've got Champions who don't do much to benefit your army as a whole but can slaughter foes once they get embroiled in battle. They will be fighting in the front rank, lending their aid in combat and they can also duel against enemy Champions and unit Leaders too. They are certainly going to be the dashing glory hounds of your army.

Finally, you've got Spellcasters who will be summoning powerful spells to the battlefield. Each faction can choose a Spellcaster at varying levels working from one through to five with each giving you access to more spells and options. The higher level your spellcaster, the more effective they will be at casting their spells too. Spells are meant to cover the gambit from traditional favourites like fireball through to things which are a little more subtle.

Monster Mash

Then, you've got Monsters! Monsters take the form of Dragons, Giants and Ogres and can be single creatures which are hellbent on destruction or ranked up beasts which fight alongside your regular troops.

Oathmark Army #2 - Osprey Games

Monsters, much like some of the higher level Commanders in your force, cost a lot of points but they make up for it thanks to their special abilities. They can never be affected by the aura of command that your characters radiate on the battlefield making them a risk to use but if you managed to coordinate your attacks, you'll be able to cause havoc with your enemies formation.

I am really looking forward to running an Elf force with a contingent of Dwarves and Humans at their side who have joined together to battle against a more nefarious foe. I will also certainly be dropping Dragons into the mix as I love those fire breathing lizards!

What do you think of Oathmark so far?

"What do you think of Oathmark so far?"