Pendraken Release Feudal Japanese Range & Castle Arts Terrain

June 8, 2020 by brennon

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Pendraken Miniatures has released two new sets of miniatures and wargaming terrain for you to use in your Historical games. Their Feudal Japanese range and its accompanying Castle Arts Terrain is now available from their webstore.

Feudal Japanese Range - Pendraken Miniatures

Full 16th Century Castle Arts Feudal Japanese Range

This new collection has been added to their webstore quite recently. The Feudal Japanese era is another one of those time periods which rocks at both the skirmish level and when played on a grand scale. When it comes to that grand scale, 10mm allows you to really go to town on creating stunning tabletops and armies.

There are loads and loads of options in the mix (see the link above) including characters, core troops, ninjas and more. It's a nice little treasure trove of stuff!

Feudal Japanese Terrain

As well as the armies for this particular range there is also a selection of excellent looking terrain which works alongside it.

Samurai Dojo - Pendraken Miniatures.jpg

Samurai Dojo

Samurai House - Pendraken Miniatures.jpg

Samurai House

Samurai Village House - Pendraken Miniatures.jpg

Village House

I particularly like how the buildings have turned out for this range. I think these look fantastic and would be excellent when placed across a vast swathe of battlefield as units rush between them looking to battle invading armies.

If this period has ever struck you as being particularly interesting then it might be worth checking out the various links for this range and giving 10mm a go.

What do you think?

"I think these look fantastic and would be excellent when placed across a vast swathe of battlefield..."

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