Perry Miniatures Preview Triple Alliance War Troops

April 17, 2020 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures are continuing to drop the previews for what they have coming soon despite being on lockdown. Their latest venture has been to build up some new models for the Triple Alliance War.

Paraguayans Advancing - Perry Miniatures

Work is currently going into a band of Paraguayans in both Advancing and Attacking stances which is neat. All of them have been researched and should be on point with the period. As with all of the Perry Miniatures collection, they look perfect for recreating scenes on the tabletop, be they as dioramas or full blow battles.

Paraguayans Attacking - Perry Miniatures

As well as working on the Paraguayans as you can see here, the Perry twins have also been working on Brazilians and Uruguayans too. The collection will be growing rather significantly once the team are out of lockdown and they have also teased Argentine Cavalry and Brazilian Cacadores too.

It seems like this period is one well-liked by Perry Miniatures and there will even be a set of painted armies making it into their collection. I suppose they wouldn't sculpt them if they didn't like them!

Triple Alliance War Painted - Perry Miniatures

I must admit, the Triple Alliance War is not one that I am overly familiar with but it is generally considered to be the most devastating and bloody war in the history of South America. You can find out more about it HERE if the range of miniatures has got you interested.

What do you make of the figures?

"The collection will be growing rather significantly once the team are out of lockdown..."

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