Peter Porker Arrives In Marvel Champions With Spider-Ham Expansion

July 18, 2022 by fcostin

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In the last season of Marvel Champions: The Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games, players were thrust into a spidey-centric universe that put the likes of Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen up against the mighty Venom and Sinister Six. Giving good old Peter Parker a little rest from fighting, stepping into the Multiverse and allowing him to grieve for Uncle Ben's death!

Spider-Ham Hero Pack - Marvel Champions

Spider-Ham Hero Pack // Marvel Champions

I am very sceptical about the news that is released on April 1st. Given that it is April Fool's Day, it's hard to take any news seriously just in case the "APRIL FOOLS!" statement is thrown in our direction. This April, Fantasy Flight Games released a different Spidey character, who was showcased on the first of April. Brining Spider-Ham to the roster. It was hard to see whether this was a legitimate announcement or not!

However, Fantasy Flight has announced that you can get your hands on Peter Porker, and he's been out since July 15th. Releasing the Spider-Ham Hero Pack to retail with the weirdest and wackiest hero pack for Marvel Champions yet!

Card Previews - Spider-Ham Hero Pac

Spider-Ham Card Previews // Spider-Ham Hero Pack

Provided a full pre-build Justice Deck, players can take their porcine hero out from the box and bring him straight into the fold. With comical and cartoon-y abilities, the likes of Doc Ock and Electro a hilarious surprise across fifteen zany cards.

It's not just Spider-Ham making his way into the title in this expansion set, the pack will also include a bonus modular encounter set which will place players up against the Inheritors, a life-sucking gothic group of supervillains. Quite the shift in tone! Any card which has come from a different reality, i.e Spider-Ham's abilities, will have the chance to outpour a 'Toon-Counter' as a resource.  Providing a more comedic and thematic response to an incoming attack or defence.

Inheritors Card Preview - Spider- Ham Hero Pac

Inheritors Card Preview // Spider-Ham Hero Pack

Feeling the BAM, SMACK AND WHAM to the tabletop, this cartoon-like hero should not be underestimated. Toying with villains by simply existing as a wacky and cocky anthropomorphic spider-creature. That's enough to taunt and tease any opposing enemy - that's without an oversized wooden hammer.

If you were looking to add some well-powered and comical value to your Marvel Champions campaign, be sure to check out the fresh release of Spider-Ham!

I wonder what he would be like against the new release of the X-Men!

"Provided a full pre-build Justice Deck, players can take their porcine hero out from the box and bring him straight into the fold."

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