Pick Up Peter’s Paperboys Army Bundles & Waterloo Terrain

November 7, 2022 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys have bundled up a bunch of their papercraft miniatures. Those who are interested in building up a Hundred Days collection might be interested in both the British Allies and Imperial Guard Bundles they have collated. There are even some terrain elements too!

British Allies Bundle - Peters Paperboys

British Allies Bundle // Peter's Paperboys

The first of the bundles is the British Allies Bundle. This gives you everything that you would need for building up an Allied bundle for the period. If Waterloo is on your radar then this would be very handy for you. There are options for the Belgians, Dutch, Brunswick, Hanoverians, Nassau Infantry and also some Artillery.

Another of the sets that you can pick up focuses in on the Imperial Guard.

Imperial Guard Bundle #1 - Peters Paperboys

Imperial Guard Bundle // Peter's Paperboys

This set comes with the Old Guard, Grenadiers, Chasseurs, Voltigeurs, Chasseurs a Cheval, Horse Grenadiers, Empress Dragoons, Lancers and Artillery. Once again, they have covered a lot of the bases here for the Imperial French so you'll be well set up for a clash during the period of Waterloo.

Imperial Guard Bundle #2 - Peters Paperboys

Imperial Guard Bundle // Peter's Paperboys

It feels like paper-based armies have grown in popularity over the last few years. They have obviously always been a thing but it feels like Peter Dennis and his crew have properly pushed the envelope on it across a variety of periods. Whilst they mean that you don't need to do any painting, there is a lot of cutting with tiny scissors involved!

Waterloo Paper Buildings

In addition to the two bundles, there are also some terrain kits that you can get printed off. There are two important terrain pieces from the battle at Waterloo starting with the Hougomount kit.

Hougomount - Peters Paperboys

Hougomount // Peter's Paperboys

A wonderful piece. Take up defensive positions within and keep an eye out for those dastardly French outside. You can't be fighting out Waterloo without some of these iconic buildings on the tabletop. 10mm scale wargaming also allows you to bring a lot of these locations to life in full rather than having to play out games focused around a particular portion of the battlefield.

You can also fight out the iconic clashes around Lay Haye Sainte where the French are going to be battering down the doors in short order!

Lay Haye Sainte - Peters Paperboys

Lay Haye Sainte // Peter's Paperboys

Again, this terrain obviously saves on painting but you'll have to tinker with a lot of scissor work and glueing! I think these sets are great and would be a brilliant option for some 10mm wargaming.

Make sure to check out more from the Peter's Paperboys range as it's perfect for those seeking to play out a variety of periods through the medium of paper!

Are you tempted to snap up these new bundles?

"I think these sets are great and would be a brilliant option for some 10mm wargaming..."

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