Plaid Hat Announce End Of Ashes With Release Of Final Cards

April 26, 2019 by dracs

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Plaid Hat Games have released the final two card sets for Isaac Vega's card game Ashes, bringing the setting and range to an end.

The Last Card Is Dealt

The final two sets bring the Phoenixborn Fiona Mercywind and James Endersight into the fray.

First, we have The Grave King.

James is a powerful and merciless necromancer. From the diseased city of Marrowden, he wields the power to strip flesh from bone, and then raise the skeletons of his victims to fight his battles.

Alongside this set, we have The Protector of Argaia.

Fiona, on the other hand, is a merciful defender of her tree-city home. While she prefers to avoid a fight, her abilities to call upon the creatures of her forest home and play with the minds of her enemies is more than a match for any would-be trespassers.

A Final Tournament

To celebrate the completion of Ashes, Plaid Hat are going to hold a complete your collection tournament.

Taking place in Dallas, Texas, on the 22nd of June this year, this final conflict not only gives players a chance to finish their Ashes collections, but will also decide which Phoenixborn walks away the ultimate winner of the game's setting.

It's always sad when a game comes to an end, but I have to applaud Plaid Hat in recognising when the narrative has run its course.

Do you enjoy playing Ashes? 

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