Play MTG Casually In The Free-For-All Game Night Set

July 4, 2022 by fcostin

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If you have been tempted to get into Magic: The Gathering, this October 14th will see a brand new entry-level multiplayer boxed set from Wizards of the Coast. Bringing a whole host of goodies for five players who are keen on transitioning over to the world of MTG in Game Night: Free-For-All.

Games Night Free For All - Wizards Of The Coast

Game Night: Free-For-All // Wizards Of The Coast

Pitched at new players, especially those who are board game inclined and want to approach the title in a casual capacity. Wizards of the Coast will be tempting more players into the card game. With five different decks in the box, the new arena provides a more calming and casual approach. Each deck is individually unique, flexing its own independent personality. Whether you want to use the box for some mano-a-mano combat, or some 5-player multiplayer madness!

If you are looking to treat Magic: The Gathering as you would a board game, this particular Game Night title would be excellent. If you have no reason to dive deeper into further booster packs or releases and are happy with a casual and competitive title around the table amongst friends when you are ready - the Game Night Box certainly does that. Each deck has been balanced to play well with the others, creating a fair playing field.

Game Night Free For All Pack - Magic The Gathering

Box Preview // MTG Game Night: Free-For-All

Or this set will make a brilliant starting point to collect, as it includes five 60-card decks (one of each colour), 1 foil card in each deck, 5 spindown life counters with life counter platforms, 15 double-sided tokens and 20 +1/+1 counters, plus your Rulebook and reference cards for speedier gameplay. The set includes mostly reprints of several cards that have already been released, however, each deck will include one new legendary creature.

This will be the third Game Night: Free-For-All box that has been released, with the previous box last placed in retail prior to the pandemic in 2019.

If you are not interested in the trading mechanic and just want to smash out a big of Magic: The Gathering on Games Night, straight out of the box - the upcoming set will be ready to release in October.

Would you enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering in a more casual capacity? 

"Pitched at new players, especially those who are board game inclined and want to approach the title in a casual capacity..."

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