Pre-Order Dinoborgs For Traders Galaxy’s Bot War!

May 2, 2023 by brennon

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Traders Galaxy has put together a fun new set of miniatures for those wanting to bulk out their Red Star collection with some excellent new Dinoborgs for use in their 10mm wargame, Bot War! This new set is a limited run that is available to pre-order right now ahead of a release later this year in July/August.

Tyrannoborg - Bot War

Tyrannoborg // Bot War

This new set is limited to around thirty-five sets and at the time of writing, there are around fifteen of them left. So, if you're wanting to get your hands on some awesome bot-based dinosaurs (with plenty of lasers), you will want to be quick off the mark.

Raptorborg - Bot War

Raptorborg // Bot War

The miniatures are looking bloomin' lovely, even in their art and render form. If you've seen the work by Traders Galaxy then you'll know that the end result is pretty darn awesome so I can't see these being any different when they eventually land.

Let's Play: BOT WAR | Traders Galaxy

The set comes with the impressive Tyrannoborg that you have seen above plus a set of Raptorborgs (of course) and MUCH more. You also get a Stegaborg, two Ankyoborgs (one of the best dinosaurs) alongside a Tricerborg and more.

Ankyoborg - Bot War

Ankyoborg // Bot War

You also get the Pachyaborg, Pterraborg and then something frankly massive. Coming in at 140mm long, there is also the Titan miniature in the set which is the Brontoborg!

Brontoborg - Bot War

Brontoborg // Bot War

Who wouldn't want to be rocking around with THAT on the tabletop? As well as the frankly impressive Brontoborg which comes absolutely packed with detail, you've also got a selection of different characters who are riding some of the different Dinoborgs. For example, you have Colonel Yuri here.

Colonel Yru On Akilina - Bot War

Colonel Yuri On Akilina // Bot War

In addition to Yuri, you can also get General Melkov on Polinia and there is a pretty awesome Firewolf Jet. You also get a bunch of additional options including the Cyborg Legionnaire Sections and the OYH46 Legionnaire Section. You will also get all of the additional stuff that you need to play with these excellent miniatures including Energy, Critical Dice and the Red Star Turbo Plus Stat Cards.

All of the miniatures are presented in high-quality resin and as mentioned earlier, this is a limited set so you'll want to be quick off the mark if you like both robots and dinosaurs. Who doesn't? If you'd like to find out more about the Dinoborg, you can check out the background article that Traders Galaxy put together, HERE.

(the looming shadow of Gerry darkens Ben's article) Right now we've got that out of the way I can plough into why these are great.

Firstly they are giant dinosaurs. - aren't all dinosaurs giant Gerry I hear you cry, well no. The alien Overlords landed in the Red Star territories and started mutating sharks into giant Kaiju for entertainment purposes. So when humanity managed to lay its hands on some of the mutagenic green goo they didn't just work out how to raise dinosaurs but also fuse tech to them and then grow them to a more magnificent size. All the better to fight a shark gladiator the size of the Empire State Building!

Secondly, they add another interesting faction to the table, in a world of Bots the Red Star state avoided being attacked by Atlanteans but also missed out on getting giant stompy robot technology. So there are a lot of regular troops that you can field, tanks, infantry, and helicopters can all be fielded against the titanic threat of Space Sharks or Space Bots. That makes an interesting faction to take to begin with, but add to that cyborg dinosaurs and now you're talking.

A lot of the biggest dinoborgs have martial warrior allowing them to use a super ability twice, instead of the usual once per game, what does that mean? Well for some it means they have the chance to heal twice, it will take your opponent a long time to get stuck into them and then you can heal back that damage...TWICE! That'll upset their day. For others they have ram attack as well allowing an extended charge with more damage, with most games playing out on small tables having access to two extended charges, will massively threaten the table, or charge and then heal. So many options.

The original models were metal sculpts and casts and as such while they were bigger than the 8mm humans they weren't as majestic as they could be, now the new resin casts has allowed Traders Galaxy to really make an impact with the big figures. The Brontoborg not only looks like he has nuclear shell firing cannons but also you can see the troops being transported forward. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on these and onto the table, especially as I've just finished putting the Overlord's gladiator kaiju together to attack them for sport. mwahahahahahahahaha!

Could you be tempted to dive into Bot War now there are impressive Dinoborgs?

"The set comes with the impressive Tyrannoborg that you have seen above plus a set of Raptorborgs (of course) and MUCH more..."

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