Pre-Painted King Conan Gets Previewed For Rise Of Monsters

July 29, 2015 by brennon

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Conan: Rise Of Monsters by Pulposaurus continue to show off some awesome pre-painted miniatures for their upcoming wargame which will be on Kickstarter this Friday (31st July 2015). Not only have they showed off some more infantry for the game but also King Conan himself...

What Is Best In Life?

First up we have the King himself who is looking pretty good for a pre-painted miniature. As always when looking at this range this is the model from the factory but they are aiming to get their whole range looking just as spot on as this when you open up your set.


Monsters are always easier for pre-painting so it's great to see some human models where we can see what they're doing with skin tones. They've gone as far as to do a bit of shading here which is a lot better than most companies.

Archers & Priests

The deadly Bossonian Archers are going to be supporting King Conan on the field of battle and they're looking very nice indeed. What this does stress however is that the models look to be all the same pose in this game. To be honest though with the quality of the painting is this a big thing to you?

Bossonian Archers

Fighting for Thoth-Amon we also have the Priests Of set who I think are looking very nice indeed. Their deadly curved kopesh blades just need a bit of slick blood to complete them I think.

Priests Of Set

Overall this is looking to be quite the interesting campaign. The models are going to be 32mm in scale as well so they will be a bit bigger than most people are used to with wargaming. I guess this is to give them a bit more presence on the battlefield and also affords them a chance to get more detail worked in there.

What do you think?

"Their deadly curved kopesh blades just need a bit of slick blood to complete them I think..."

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