Preview New Rangers Scouting Ahead From North Star

April 24, 2020 by brennon

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Yesterday we had a look at the render for one of the new Ogre miniatures coming out of North Star Military Figures for Rangers Of Shadow Deep. Well, overnight, the team there previewed more of the miniatures we're going to be getting for the collection too.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Heroes & Ogre - North Star

The set looks like it is going to offer three more Rangers with different weapons. You've got the fellow with the double-handed axe on the left followed by a sword-wielding ranger and bow armed female addition to the cause too. The human releases are then backed up by that rather rakish looking gentlemen with the floppy hat and the villainous facial hair.

As well as the humans you've also got the 3D print for the Ogre at the back as well. I think that this particular model is looking better "in the flesh" than it did as in render form! All of these early tests are then going to be turned into metal miniatures for you to buy very soon indeed.

What do you make of these new miniatures?

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