Jägers! Plus, Spanish Guerrillas Coming Soon For Black Powder

August 9, 2021 by brennon

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Some new releases and some pre-orders from Warlord Games this week for those diving into the 28mm Historical wargame, Black Powder. We start with a band of Prussian Jägers who are available for you to snap up now and send ranging into the woods.

Napoleonic Prussian Jagers - Warlord Games

Napoleonic Prussian Jägers // Warlord Games

Elite light infantrymen, these marksmen were perfect when attached to larger companies and used as skirmishers. Nothing annoys your enemy more than being attacked from the flank or rear by soldiers using a few sneaky tactics. They were often armed with rifles although apparently there was no hard and fast rule as to which one they should use. So, they often carried around quite the assortment.

Spanish Guerrillas

As well as the Prussian soldiers, we also got a look at the new Spanish Guerrillas sets which are available for pre-order. These sets will be released in September.

Napoleonic Spanish Guerillas #1 - Warlord Games

Napoleonic Spanish Guerrillas // Warlord Games

Led by colourful yet ruthless men, these Spanish Guerrillas were the bane of the French. They would run the "little war" and attack the French army in any way they could. Wellington was lucky to have these soldiers on his side of the conflict and it was by their hand that many French soldiers were turned away from the advancing British forces.

Napoleonic Spanish Guerillas #2 - Warlord Game

Napoleonic Spanish Guerrillas // Warlord Game

These miniatures have therefore been designed to show off the mix of different men and women who would fight as irregular troops as part of the Spanish army. I like that you've got such diversity and variety within this pack, especially in their attire. They would make for perfect miniatures for a bespoke scenario too as you hunt down French troops marching through the countryside.

Are you liking these new Napoleonic releases and pre-orders from Warlord Games?

"They would run the "little war" and attack the French army in any way they could..."

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